I'm Cora DeVe, named after my great, great grandmother. She was a teacher, an artist, and an all round badass frontier woman! I like to think I channel a little of her in all I do. My roots are planted in Southern California but my heart is in Portland, Oregon where I live in a 1910 bungalow with my ginger fellows; husband Steve, and our son Miles.

My style influences are drawn from my laid-back Southern California upbringing, mixed with Portland's one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Trends and originality are always on my radar and are always showcased in my work.

I started my journey into brand marketing in 2013 when I started my own business, Camp Wolf, a children's clothing line. The experience was an amazing opportunity to educate myself on how to successfully grow a brand first hand as an online business owner. Social media was how Camp Wolf grew rapidly world wide with beautifully shot products, visuals and marketing.

I provide a unique, personal relationship with the brands I represent. I care for each business with love, loyalty and respect. But most importantly, I curate a cohesive story that is tailored just for you. What can we create today?


  Cora Deve

Soul sister/real sister since 1987! Her unique approach to color composition and background in creative writing lend a compelling voice to team Cora DeVe. If anyone out there in the world can handle my clients, it's gonna be my family.

Instagram: @littlehistorycreative

Val's my right hand gal for all things graphic design, web or print.
She has over 17 years of experience with small business and corporate design, which makes her an extremely versatile addition to the team.



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