Artifact Creative Recycle

"My business would not be where it's at today without Cora. She single-handedly increased my store's social media following from average neighborhood shop to influencer-status in less that one year. Cora is able to capture your brand's identity and translate it into images that are creative, on point with current trends, and relevant to pop culture. Hiring Cora immediately helped me jump my business to the next level and was one of the best decisions I ever made."  


— Leah Meijer, Owner

Camp Wolf, Co-Owner

"Without a doubt, the driving force behind Camp Wolf's success was Cora's creative vision and dedication to our brand. Whether she was developing new products and sourcing the perfect materials, navigating the design of our website, facilitating collaborations with other artists, crafting well executed social media campaigns, coordinating beautifully styled photoshoots, or curating events with impeccable attention to detail, Cora's ability to bring our ideas to life in a really big way was unrivaled."  


— Cristin Morgan, Owner of Marigold & Mars

Whatif Creations

"Working with Cora was an outstanding and educational experience. With her design ideas, recommendations, and outstanding work ethic my business was able to organically build a solid social media foundation. Cora’s insights and creativity will continue to be a part of how Whatif Creations operates for the foreseeable future."  


— Jessie Fox, Owner